Banow is a website design & development agency start-up now operating around worldwide remotely. We help business owners create lead marketing websites and landing pages for more revenue opportunities. We use popular CMS for most websites: WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, HTML, JavaScript, CSS & more.

We’re a team of energetic and dedicated individuals motivated who are all working together to achieve our mission.

The Team Behind Our Journey


ⓦ Experienced Web Developer


ⓦ Lead Web Developer


Head of Marketing

Technical Skills

Our Certifications



This is to certify that Raihan Babu has successfully cleared the assessment for the skill CSS. It covers topics like exploring Cascading and Inheritance, exploring text styling fundamentals, understanding the use of layouts in CSS, understand the boxing of elements in CSS, among others.

HubSpot CMS Developer

HubSpot CMS Developer

Raihan babu The bearer of this certificate is hereby deemed proficient in building professional-level web assets on the HubSpot CMS. They had demonstrated that they have the requisite baseline HTML and CSS skills as well as knowledge of the CMS tools and workflow necessary to build and maintain CMS templates and modules.

  • Getting Started With the HubSpot CMS
  • HubL: The Templating Language of the HubSpot CMS
  • Building HubSpot CMS Templates
  • Building HubSpot CMS Modules
  • Building HubSpot CMS Themes
  • Blog, Email, and System Templates in the HubSpot CMS
  • Other Data Sources: Using HubDB and Custom Objects in CMS Hub



This certifies that Raihan Babu has successfully completed the freeCodeCamp.org Responsive Web Design Developer Certification, representing approximately 300 hours of coursework.



Certificate is awarded to raihanbabu For successful completion of WordPress Elementor Certification by TemplateMonster.

  • WordPress Install or Website Migrate
  • WordPress Custom Theme & Plugins
  • WordPress Security
  • WordPress Performance
  • WordPress Maintenance

Kinsta Academy

Kinsta Academy

The Basics of Maintaining Client Sites at Scale. Raihan Babu This certificate attests that the student has mastered the fundamentals of
maintaining client sites at scale and is able to implement the steps necessary to improve the performance of a web project. They have learned and
been tested on best practices and are capable of applying them in a variety of scenarios.

Our Experience

Front-end developer | AM2AM Software Development


– Website Design
– Landing Page Development
– Experience in ClickFunnels, Unbounce, Shopify, HubSpot & WordPress
– Experience in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP & MySQL
– Theme & Plugin Development
– Bug Fixes
– Maintenance Security & Performance

WordPress Developer | TFC Marketing


– building custom theme & plugin
– customizing theme & plugin
– install or migrate your site
– optimizing speed, performance
– security & hacking clean-up
– on-going maintenance

Lead WordPress Developer | Muso Live


– Handle everything on WordPress Website
– Migrating an entire website design from a custom website to WordPress
– Multiregion website
– Custom Plugin Development
– Landing Page Development
– IP redirections and repairing
– Server overloads
– & More

Event and Community

Bangladesh IT Professionals Association - BITPA Conference 2018

Event organizer in Satkhira WordPress Meetup. 2021

We’re really proud of ourselves after giving back to the community first time held an Event organizer in Careers in WordPress | The First Satkhira WordPress Meetup, 2021

Micro Sponsors in WordCamp Dhaka 2019

We’re really proud of ourselves after giving back to the WordPress community first time held in Bangladesh and contributing and making WordPress better for everyone.